All Fruits Gift Basket

All Fruits Gift Basket

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A healthy gift basket is packed with fresh fruits that are excellently rich in vitamins and are great source of potassium, fiber, calories and etc. This fruit basket will give you a healthy lifestyle and is for any occasions or events.


PineappleOne fresh tropical pineapple loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

Green GrapesThese green grapes are high in potassium and fiber which help lower the blood pressure.

Banana3 pieces of fresh bananas, one of the most common fruits that we see everyday but contains more vitamins.

Gala Apple2 pieces of gala apples, a great healthy snack rich in Vitamin C.

Granny Smith Apple2 pieces of green apples that are rich in fiber and vitamin C and also it helps in fighting against inflammation.

Orange2 pieces of oranges that helps boosts your immune system, absorbs iron and protects you from cell damage.

Pear2 pieces of pears that are high in fiber and potassium which helps in healthy digestion and regulation of blood sugar.

Nectarine2 pieces of nectarines which are high vitamin A,C and potassium.

Mango1 piece fresh mango that has a lot of health benefits.

Basket - A small nice and sturdy oval brown basket with handle.


Note: This gift basket will be wrap together in a clear cello with a bow and a complimentary greeting card.

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