Sweet Halloween

Sweet Halloween

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A bucket full of snacking and chocolate sweet treats. This could be a great gift specially for Trick or Treat. You may also add more items or wine if you wish.


Kettle Cheddar ChipsMuch like the Big Apple. The flavours on this chip are sophisticated, bold, confident, and brazen. Comfortable in the penthouse or the subway, this chip is going places.

Ginger Molasses CookieWith rich ginger flavour and a dusting of sugar, these charming cookies are a taste experience to be savoured.

Pirouline WaferPirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Rolls.

Triple Chocolate CookieA luscious blend of dark and white chocolate, a traditional and crispy in every bite.

Milk ChocolateGreen & Black's organic milk chocolate with butterscotch pieces.

Lindt Chocolate BarLindt dark chocolate orange intense.

Chocolate Treats - Snickers, Mars, Kitkat, Coffee Crisp, Smarties & Aero.

Container An orange Halloween themed container that serves as a basket for the treats.


Note: This gift basket will be wrap together in a clear cello with a bow and a complimentary greeting card.

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